pic: Chesapeake pit climbing wall

Gives me an idea for next year’s game title: On Belay! :smiley:

Too bad we couldn’t have the wall open after hours…

Did anyone try to climb it?

I remember in 03 when they held the first comp at Chesapeake that wall was towering over the pitts like a constant tease to me, I still want to climb it.

No, it was completely closed off. Re: Had tarps over the bottom of it just out of view in this pic.

It had a real sick overhang with a point that you actually need harnesses to make that path.

If anyone was looking, the pink/green path was the sickest in my opinion. It went vertical, then horizontally out under the ledge, then did a u turn up and over the ledge, and to top it all off, the spacing between the foot/hand holds were really huge. And that ledge was only about 20 feet off the ground. Once you got past that, you had another 50-60’ feet to climb to get to the top.

With Marine MPs wandering around, it would have been a bad idea.