pic: Chesapeake Winning Alliance, Easter style


My family was coloring eggs this afternoon, and since participation was MANDATORY…I decided to have some fun. An egg for each of the three winners at Chesapeake: 175 (Buzz), 1629 (Garrett Coalition), and 1184 (Cobra Robotics), plus the FIRST symbol.

That just made my day.

That’s so crafty :slight_smile:

HAHAHA!!! :smiley:

you guys did a great job at Chesapeake!
Good luck at Nationals; hope to see you guys there

I like that, It’s a very creative use of eggs! :slight_smile: That’s great.

“You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to StephLee again.”

Is that the old symbol or new? LOL :ahh:

so I’m not the only one who dyes Easter eggs in team colors / numbers :rolleyes:

Hey, if you gotta dye eggs…may as well make it FIRST-ish…with Atlanta coming up so soon, EVERYTHING turns FIRST-ish with me. :cool:

Its good to see there are other people out there that can’t get FIRST off the brain in any aspect of life. Have you ever gone to one of those restaurants where you can draw on the paper table cloths… and find yourself drawing robots?

lol yes!! and on homework… :smiley:

Homework, class notes, tests…last semester before kick-off, all my math notes are dotted with the FIRST symbol…and bio tests got the same treatment. :stuck_out_tongue: