pic: Chess piece

This is what I do when I am bored. Yup… I made two chess piece (brass and aluminum) using an automated Lathe… G code is fun =)

I <3 g-code :stuck_out_tongue:

those are awesome. major props man.

Thats awesome. Plan on doing a full set?

I don’t think he has any more automated lathes to turn into chess pieces. :rolleyes:


That’s really neat. It seems that all year, our advisor (Scott Ritchie) and a few of us on the team have been talking about how great it would be if we could custom create a whole chess set, board and all. Hopefully it’s something we’ll get around to starting this summer and finish before I graduate next year. I just want to get one game in… :]

Let’s see… there are 6 days of school left… and I have offseason competition stuff to work on. Knowing that I dont have all the codes, maybe not yet. But in future, I may.

wow that’s way cool my dear buddy! i dont’ think you have that much time…

:wink: i’ll check your schedule…hmm it looks like you are way to busy with off season and graduation coming up…

great job arefin! enjoy playing chess with 2 pieces lol…just use nuts for the rest or pvc fittings :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see… there are 6 days of school left… and I have offseason competition stuff to work on. Knowing that I dont have all the codes, maybe not yet. But in future, I may.

“i don’t have all the codes”, you might wanna make the pieces more angular so it takes less g statements to make them.

MyLittleMechman - it looks like you really need to graduate, without me to occupy you everyday, you sure got into trouble fast enough!

Great job with these. It would be interesting to see if a group of people each made a piece, and got together for a game at a competition in the future? Possibilities are endless. :slight_smile:

So–would your chess pieces be your favorite FIRST robots, with the pawns being tetrahedrons, and the board having triangles to represent the 2005 Triple Play field? Wait–triangles would be better for a backgammon board. Or maybe your chess pieces would be your favorite mentors?

I could see the pieces being made out of machined aluminum (Black would be anodized). Don’t forget about making a storage unit or display table for it. You need drawers or a case for storing the pieces, to make it complete.

A certain aerospace firm paid you-don’t-wanna-know-how-much for its employees to create a chess set as a gift to one of their VP’s. The chess pieces were tiny models of ultra-high tech aircraft with which the VP’s division was involved. They were created by converting CAD drawings of the aircraft into chess-size CAD drawings. Next, the drawings were rendered into plastic chess pieces using rapid prototyping (stereo lithography). Then they were plated. The model shop made a beautiful wooden board with drawers to go with it. It was reported that the recipient was very pleased with his gift; for an aerospace person, it sure beat getting a gold watch!

My point is, you will probably have to use less than cutting-edge technology to create your chess set, but you can use what you have, combined with your ideas, to make something that will cause people who don’t have one to salivate. :wink:

Gorgeous pieces Arefin, care to make me a complete set? :wink:

My friend is a machining technologies major up at school and has a custom chess set that he made in class. It is pretty sweet. The pieces are all cylindrical but stack on top of each other because one side has a recess that the bottom of another piece can fit into. They also have pictures machined into them on one side. He also machined the board with some interesting designs in each of the squares. To my knowledge he did it all by himself for a college machining class.