pic: Chicken Hats At The Championship

Tonya and Shelley heard about a chicken hat that one of 418’s mentors (Danny Diaz) wears when he is reffing for FLL. They each wanted one and were happy as could be when the hats arrived in Atlanta. A special thank you goes out to ChrisH who helped hatch the plan.

This was a lot of fun to make happen.

Shelley and I both volunteered at the inaugural OKC Regional and the fact that she and Tonya are such fun and funny people who already know each other just made it all the more fun. A great rest of the story was ChrisH’s involvement. He contacted me privately and very formally offered ‘assistance with any shipping needs that I might have.’ Naturally, I took him up on his generous offer. FIRSTers from California, Oklahoma, New York, and Texas involved in the journey of 2 chicken hats and their fun experiences in Atlanta.

Thanks for the awesome assist, Chris! And that goes to KarenH, too.