pic: Chicken-Head

FIRST LEGO League World Festival 2007. Yeah, I do realize there is a chicken on my head, apparently he’s there for the view. My friends sometimes call me a “bad egg”, I guess this doesn’t help matters much.

So I’m sitting at the lunch table enjoying a great conversation and a delicious lunch for volunteers in Atlanta and I start noticing all the refs for FLL coming in wearing various hats. I thought that was pretty cool. I see this guy from the back in his black and white stripes with a chicken on his head and I get tickled, he just looks so goofy. He turns around and it is our very own 418 engineer, Danny Diaz. It was more than I could handle, I burst out laughing and grabbed my camera. It was only fair that the team back home could see how much fun Danny was having in Atlanta. And the sad thing is, Danny loves this chicken hat. Loves it.

I’m jealous, I want one of those hats!

Rich, I am sure that you would enjoy wearing one as much as Danny does.
Wonder where one finds a chicken hat…