pic: Chief Delphi - 2009 Teaser 1

I’m not going to even get in on the topic of “good teaser” vs “bad teaser” because I think any pics are awesome for teams to release, but that said… lol

Is that a gas grill cover you have covering the robot?

If it is, I like my orbit balls medium rare. Good luck 47!

Does the bag meet bumper requirements?

It might meet shipping bag requirements.

Ask any MI team. I think they have a particular way of shipping involving sealed bags, but I don’t remember what it was.

I think they get some good mileage out of that cover :stuck_out_tongue: -


Lol yep same cover… Wonder what is inside…?:yikes:


Yep we have shipping bags but they are huge clear plastic. Can’t wait to see what is under there!!

That bag is really cool! Did you have that custom made, or did you take it from something else and put a 47 on it?

The wife of Mike Aubry made it for CD7… Might as well reuse it to keep it clean…since the robots are similar… whoops I gave a hint to our design…