pic: Chief Delphi (#47)


Chief Delphi (#47)

Wow. Amazing. I like your combination ball collector and arm. Very nice. This combo will win regionals.

Great looking 'bot, ChiefDelphi. This thing has a nice, efficient ball holder (reminds me of 27’s “Archimedes screw” from 2002) with an awesome arm.

I am mostly suprised by the cantilevered wheels… we don’t see that too much on a FIRST robot.

Awesome job - this thing looks tough and very capable.

Also… you gotta love the rack of old robots in the background.

Andy B.

Though it wasn’t obvious, we had cantilevered wheels last year – the outside of our wheels really held on our skin, not the other what around.

Also, Team 60 has been cantilevering wheels off for years. If it is good enough for Glenn, its good enough for me :wink:

Joe J.

We also decided to go with cantilevered wheels this year. It just makes it easier to pull them off if you need to. Hopefully we won’t… Looks great guys and I wish you good luck at the competitions you attend.

The collector is stationary with respect to the robot. If by “ball collector” you mean “ball herder” you are very perceptive!

There is a reason that there is an “off angle” between the fingers and the main arm body. It has to do with playing pinball. One can hardly wack the balls into the chute if the paddles are wacking the ground rather than the balls. The angle allows the axis of the finger pivots to be vertical when the arm is in herding position.

Joe J.

hey joe i love the way the robot looks. good luck this year

shaun team 25

Looks good, we had almost the same robot (even collected the same # of balls) before we modified it after a pre-season scrimmage. I like it…

Wow, nice bot guys! Can’t wait to see and possibly team up with you in Detroit. I definately know what you meant be compatible bots!