pic: Chief Delphi First Aid Kit!

I found this Chief Delphi first aid kit in the bottom of our old travel toolbox! It’s going to be worth millions!

That’s worth at least a case of Mountain Dew. Maybe even a case + a box of Krispy Kremes if you find the right buyer.

You are soon to be very rich, sir. Nice find! ;-]

Best I could do is 5 bucks and a solenoid.

5 bucks, a solenoid, and a leadscrew.

So it’s a bidding war you want eh?

Of course. OP, accept my offer and I’ll throw in a gently used PDB. :rolleyes:

I’m not sure I’m in a position to give it away! I’ll have to ask my mentors first!
I also don’t know how useful the contents would be. In the box it was in I also found a bottle of Advil that expired in 2003, and some antacid that expired in 2011.

I’ll give you a cheese-head signed by Woodie Flowers and Dean Kamen for it.

We’ve got one of those too.
Last time we were at an event with them was 2006 WMR. So it’s eight years old :slight_smile:

I think we have a winner, folks. :rolleyes: