pic: Chief Delphi Name Tag


Here’s the name tag I made for Atlanta, so that CD users could know who I am, since I couldn’t make the webhug. Thought I’d upload it. Feel free to save the picture and paste your profile over mine. Just remember to give the proper credit if someone asks you where you got it from.

that is AWESOME, i think we need something like that for the Webhug next year, it would be it a little cooler.

Every year there is supposed to be something like taht for the webhug, just that nobody is active enough to organize it.

Beautifully done Ryan, unfortunately I didn’t see you. So maybe next year.

nice job ryan…sooo eventually we’ll make these things right…lol…eventually being the key word now of course

Somebody ought to be able to whip up a relatively simple PHP script to make those things so people can easily make and print them. I’ll work on it this weekend if I have some time.

Here’s mine:

Too bad I left it in the hotel room.

The other day I went to two malls and I must have gone in over 20 stores looking for a plain orange baseball hat. I wanted to get it embroidered with sanddrag on the front and www.chiefdelphi.com on the back, but nowhere had just a plain orange baseball hat.


This is created by a nice little piece of XHTML. How much interest is there in it? I could make it all automated and everything.

thats great greg