pic: Chief Delphi on my PSP

Someone requested a picture of Chief Delphi on a PSP so here you go. It was not easy considering PSP has no built in browser yet. It all works fine, I can even log in! If you want Chief on your PSP, just ask and I’ll tell you how I did it.

Yow, that is impressive!

how awesome is that, now you need the rules like i have on my iPod


how’d you do it?


I am so buying a PSP now. That looks sweet!

Behold the power of CSS to scale to any device!

Note: Getting websites on your PSP involves some relatively complicated DNS hacking. (unless those DNS servers people were setting up work really well).

Surfing the web on a PSP is possible by taking advantage of a stripped-down web browser embedded in the game Wipeout Pure. The browser is there to get updates and added content for the game. Usually it loads the Wipeout page as the start page and there is no way to navigate off. In order to load different pages, you must setup a DNS server that points the scea.com domain to whatever page you want. Just specify that DNS server on your PSP.

Right now I’m just using someone else’s remote DNS server. I don’t have a wireless router here on campus so I have to piggyback on other random networks in the building. the DNS server I use is and it makes the PSP go here.

This is starting to get fun. Anybody have an idea on how to get CD on a GBA SP?

I <3 my PSP lol at Palmetto, i found a wifi with it at Longhorn and was surfin the web :slight_smile: i can’t wait till they release the real web browser, cell phone, and chatting software.
Who is gonna briing their PSP to nat’s??? and what games
we could have a wifi event at the webhug :slight_smile:

I have to say, I’m getting pretty good at Wipeout (my only game at this point). Do you know if you can play multiplayer Wipeout with just one copy of the game? Sony said some games could do this but they don’t say which ones. The manual makes no mention of it and the back of the box is very vague.

I hope I’m not getting too off topic

Carl this is why i love you, because you have to many gadgets and to much time/skill for your own good:)

Does the PSP need PSP games or does it play PS1, PS2 games. I can’t see how a regular cd fits in a PSP.

So this “hacking” you are talking about, could the regular Joe Schmoe do it?? :cool:

I saw my friend’s today and it requires PSP disks. These disks hold 4 gigs of information, and are very small when compared to other discs.

These things are so sweet, and very expandable. Many features are on it and I must say they are well worth the money.

well the game has to have “game sharing” equpied but there is a way to make any game multiplayer by sharing the same disk
basicly u start the lvl and pause it then take the disk out, hit yes i want to continue and u share the game :slight_smile:
future games will have the nintendo version of sharing games, one copy trasmitted to all the others for limited play

Oh yeah the psp uses “Universal Media Discs” or UMD sorata like minidiskcs in built in cases that hold 1.8 gb so they are quite nice :), just google a pic of the psp for you people who havn’t seen one… FOR SHAME!

with the new firmware it makes it easier to browse CD on the go

Yeah, but the new firmware takes all the fun out of it. :smiley: At least they added some features like bookmarks, web-friendly on-screen keyboard and … oh ya … a URL field!

A web TV show called From the Shadows did a short piece on how to add an external antenna port to a PSP (warning mild language). I think they were getting a connection at 100 meters or something. My computer media is acting funny but the movie is here. Happy surfing! :smiley: (I love how this emotion looks like my avatar) If you do do this make sure you know how to solder and sand with fair precision. By the way I love what you did, you might want to look here for other things to do to your PSP.

I notice with the old game hack method, it flowed and matched nicely. The new firmware method doesn’t appear to, of course you might not be logged in (defaults to 980px fixed width if you’re not logged in) or you might be logged in and have your profile set like that.

Does it have a single column function like my Pocket PC? It automagically resizes pages to flow without side to side scrolling, of course a few pages don’t translate quite perfect, but it’s usable…