pic: Chief Delphi Web Hug 2005


Another blast from the past. 2005 in Atlanta. Who do you recognize? What a community. Respectful, gracious, supportive community. We all made each other better!

I recognize one for sure:

Miss Information (Heidi Foster), bottom left in a dark shirt.

I’m also pretty sure that’s George Chen grinning next to the umbrella, but I don’t recall him having a hat like that.

I think that’s Mike Martus in the orange shirt behind Heidi, not sure.
I *think *the umbrella is somewhere around Barry Bonzack’s head, but can’t see him.

I’m probably somewhere around but not in the picture at all.

Can confirm, I was there (straw hat in the back). That was Bonzack in his terrible hat.

Kathie Kentfield next to Heidi and Mike

I was there (pretty sure I got a CD shirt that year) but not in this photo.
That sure looks like Matt Leese next to Kathie.

Blast from the past! I spy another Mike, top right with curls.

Weird thing for me. In the upper middle there’s a kid in blue tinted safety glasses who’s wearing a red shirt with a skier on the front of it. Those are 159 shirts from 15+ years ago and I am now the proud owner of one that was sitting in a box in an attic for many years.

I know it is RJ from 173 on the right with the blue hat and sunglasses, and it’s probably my hat and red safety glasses in the bottom right half of the image.