pic: ChiefDelphi _is_ everywhere!


ChiefDelphi really is everywhere!

is it just me or is the time 12:34? 1234.

forecastfox and gmail manager go FF

Hey, what’s with the dark cloud sharing the same box as #47 ?! :rolleyes:

I’d be worried seeing that here… We’ve never had temperatures above 38 degrees.

We do measure temperature in Celsius over here though…

Actually we measure temperature in Celsius in the US also, for some purposes – but not when reporting weather. The UK is a bit ahead of us in adopting SI measurement units for many things. For example, we Americans still favor (or favour) inches and fractions or thousandths thereof rather than the much more convenient millimeter (or millimetre) for measuring length.

However, during my travels in your country I have noticed that speed limits are posted in miles per hour, and beer is sold by the pint. I guess some traditions persist longer than others,

Just In case any of you out there haven’t noticed yet, most school’s use metric measurements in science class’s in order to switch all future generations to the metric system so that the same units of measure can be used world wide.

I noticed that exact same thing in the early 1970’s when I was a high school student. My teachers were convinced that the US would ‘go metric’ very soon. Seems we’re not there yet.

As an engineer, it is easy for me to see the tremendous advantages of SI measure.

Maybe we could start with FIRST? Change all the measurement units in the rules to SI? Maybe an idea for a new thread … :wink:

[Note: better search first – betcha this has come up a time or two before.]

Yeah… we use a weird combination. Road distances are in miles, beer is still in pints, etc… but we use cm, metres, Celsius, etc… as standard measure. It is rare to hear any mention of Farenheit over here.

We in Israel use the metric measurments and weight in grams and kilograms, instead of ounces and pounds and speed in kilometer per hours.
It would be very nice if FIRST will change the measurments to metric. It will be more convinient to everyone.

psh, everyone knows America is switching to metrics one inch at a time.


Some of the measurements in the manual were also in Metric this year but they were a little off in places.

I would prefer a switch to metric, but I really don’t care much, just pick one. They have both systems in use, most noticeable in the kitbot. It can be very confusing at times.