pic: ChiefDelphi on my iPod

Just continuing the theme.

that’s awesome, i need a photo upgrade though. What did you use to web browse on it? Or did you just take a screen shot?

Thats amazing. How did you do it? My brother has an iPod Photo and it would be cool to do it on his.

From what it looks like, you loaded linux on your iPod. I could be wrong though. I know there was an exploit in earlier versions of the iPod which allowed you to get behind Apples operating system and run basic linux on the system. When my brother bought an iPod Photo I looked into this, but couldn’t find any info on a distro that was supported by the Photo version.

bows down before the almighty CD IPod
Thats just awsome, now CD is right in the palm of your hand whether u own a PSP, IPod, or just across 120 inches! I love it, will never get bored without CD ever again.

thats just a picture

Read the top part of the “picture”… I believe it says something to the effect of “Web”? :rolleyes:

I’ll say this much: Photoshop was only used to resize the image from my camera.

Yes I agree… there are no cables that are hooked up to the iPod and I know that the iPod has no wireless.

The picture name could be called “Web”.

It’s a picture, guaranteed.

The Linux hack only works on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen iPods, not 4th, mini, or photos.

Infact, I have Linux on my pod right now…

ted i belive hit it on the nose…

^Not quite. When you display images on the iPod Photo, there are two options: full screen, which fills the screen with the image, or thumbnail, which displays 25 images at a time. There is no mode that displays a single image and its name.

It could be like those old-style Palm Pilots where you can sync the web pages for viewing later.

Just a thought. Not very likely.

Okay, I’ll tell. The following image was created using iPodWizard to extract the iPod’s UI images, Opera to create the shrunken ChiefDelphi, and Paint to combine the parts:



out of curiosity… what good is having Linux on your ipod? there’s no way to input data. . . Unless you use an on screen keyboard, using the scroll wheel for letters… but that’s just time consuming. What use does Linux do on an Ipod?

Holy thread revival, Batman!

What good is it? Well, if any of these strike your fancy, then bada-bing, you’ve found what it’s good for.

Of course, there’ll also always be those in the because-we-can or the OMG-Linux-is-the-best-free-software-4ever!!1!!1!!1!!one!!shift+1!! camps.