pic: ChiefDelphi on my Wii

The “Trial Version” of the Opera Browser for the Wii came out today, so my first instinct was to go on CD and take a picture. Addicted, I know.

The browser works really well, I will try and get a picture on a better TV later. The only things missing are tabbed browsing and spell check. Oh and I’m posting from my Wii right now :slight_smile:

The image isnt showing up in this thread or on the main page. Or maybe its just me.

How do you type on that thing?

The first website I visited on my Wii was Chiefdelphi as well. :wink:

The Internet Channel is a welcomed addition to the Wii menu, now I’m just waiting on the News Channel (January 27th). :slight_smile:

There is an on screen keyboard.

I’m in the middle of a baseball game on it, I’ll take a picture and edit this post when I’m done.


Even cooler, when you get Wiimail, it glows.

Edit: Here is some Wiiglow, thank you Kristian (calhounian) for the Wiimail


It’s just fun to try something new, typing on a normal keyboard is easier yes, but when there is new technology, why not try it out?


The forcast channel also came out just recently, It lets you see weather in your area at the current time, and a 5-Day forecast. You can also use the Globe option to see weather around the world. Also, at the bottom it says “Images owned by NASA”:rolleyes:

Michelle, honestly…why?
What’s wrong with posting from a computer like everyone else?

I cant update mine. Im getting an error code when trying to connect to an access point.

Tom… either try a diffrent wireless connection… or you can go spend a whopping 30$ for the USB lan adapter…

Thats pretty cool that you can do such things on the Wii. Are you going to get the Opera browser for Wii when it comes out?

if you are having trouble with the wireless, switch to either channel 1 or 11 on your router.us I had the same problem and that fixed it.us P.S.IM posting this from my wii as well! :slight_smile:

I saw this thread from my friend’s wii (not posting there). It’s cool.

One thing, I hope they come up with alternate input methods. The OSK is slow. (Personally, I’d like something like dasher.)

Dasher is nice. I think the people trying to get Linux on the Wii, WiiLi, are planning on doing that but from the looks of it they are not very organized.

only you, michelle. only you.

I don’t know if I broke CD, but I’m seeing no image.


Ouch what a pain, can you get carpal tunnel syndrome from waving that wii controller around? Typing would be a pain! :ahh:

I like the Wii browser.

By the way, the front page with the Wii Opera browser looks oddly familiar. I wonder where I’ve seen it before:rolleyes: .

Good job!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Actually, the on-screen keyboard is much easier to use than many would expect. Even though I prefer typing on a keyboard, I think the on-screen is a great alternative…

Though, I prefer keeping the WiiConnect24 feature off, simply because I don’t want to wake up to a giant blue light in the middle of the night

You can keep WiiConnect24 on and turn off the light.