pic: ChiefDelphi On The Run - 2

Well I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and bring this back! Here’s CD on my car’s computer. I hardly use it for internet purposes; mostly it’s there for my ECU and Engine monitoring software that I wrote in LabVIEW (PCI-6025E Multifunction Data Acquisition) as well as GPS navigation and being a nice mp3 player. Let’s see some more CD pics!



I want my PT to be like that!!

How much do you have in the extra electronics? Heck, what additional electronics do you have in that thing?!?!:ahh:

That is a sweet ride. :cool:

GO 1403!!!

looks like the inside of the Hovercar i dreamed up LOL

I have a suction cup window mount for my PocketPC (for gps) so I suppose at a stoplight I could pick up a network and get on, but I don’t like being so distracted, even if it is at a stoplight.

BOOOOOOOOOST :slight_smile:

nice looking ride with that many guages i would get lost trying to find the speedometer and fuel guage which wouldn’t be to pretty but having that nice little screen in their makes it all more worth the excitment of getting lost =) - on second though maybe i’ll just stick to what i have now its easy to understand and i won’t mess with it, stuff like what is seen in your car i would be playing with while doing 55 =)