pic: ChiefDelphi On The Run

This was my setup for the drive to Atlanta from Florida, with my GPS system running into my laptop, controlling my music, and with my 144kbit wireless connection provided by Sprint PCS, as well as 2 mini frig’s for cold drinks. In town I switched over to local Wireless, I picked up a couple thousand access points on the way up. I found it very hard to read the forums, change music, and watch the maps driving at a rapid pace. I never knew a car shook so much at high rates of speed. It seems to be very difficult to stay in your lane while on the computer, odd but true.

Peter…this only proves to me that you are in fact crazy.

haha…yeah…all I can really say is…

Oh my

Looks like an awesome set up. If you ever feel the need to burn some cash or are looking for a GPS replacement you might want to try the Earthmate GPS . My brother got last year, and although we haven’t used it much, it does an awesome job.

I’ll second that nomination. Awesome GPS system, with only a couple minor - (easily fixable with duct tape) problems with the unit I had.

Street Atlas software is not ever updated though, I don’t think.
(Streets that changed at least 5 years ago were not changed on 2004 edition.)

Not a bad deal for a cool hundred bucks though. I use it constantly on my laptop.

Peter! What were you doing attempting to surf the internet (or doing anything on the computer) while driving at very high speeds for extended periods of time?!?
Nationals haven’t even begun yet! We still need our drivers!!! lol
Though it DOES look cool. lol

Looks very dangerous to me. And some say talking on the cell phone while driving is bad.

Anyway, is that a Ford Ranger it is in?

DUUUUDE!!! :eek: THAT IS SOO COOL! lol i dont even know what to say. that is just awesome! dangerous, but nonetheless, its awesome!

good job on that 1 man :smiley: :smiley:

Its his explorer sport trac

I was close. Explorer Sport Trac eh? No wonder the dash looks like my Ranger. Anyway, that’s very cool to have CD on the run.

I can get it on my pocketpc on the run, but I need to find a wireless network first.

i have the earthmate and its great. And well for peter, we just hope he doesnt hurt himself

I have agree with him for a FIRST… BUT cool

pete this has to be one of the craziest things uve done all season, all though i must say the setup is awesome, it mustve been a pretty complicated drive up to atlanta trying to do 5 things at once

Pete you crazy keed then waking me up to tell me you got there! even crazier. Well glad you go ttheir safely I’ll cya on friday

howd we get the INTERNET connection?

I’m pretty sure he was moochiing off some wireless network around there or off of his sprint service. And that instant message there on the bottom of the screen is probably me.

its illegal here lol

What? illegal? Do you live in some crazy country? Where you from?

Right in his sig it says:

“I am member of team 759. We are THE BRITS!!! (From Cambridge in UK)” :wink:

Also illegal in NJ to talk on the phone and drive (unless using hands free) But I have heard (not sure if true) that they cant pull you over for it, have to have another reason to stop you.