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That is awesome! Did you make the laptop mount?

or was it bought? if so where and would it by any chance fit a 73 chevy Impala

He bought it for about $200. I dont remember were tho. I think it was a online store. After looking on how it was made, i was wandering if i could make one out of pvc and lexan. I think i am going to try it


It can be made out of PVC if you dont want to pay the prices. I will cad up the important parts if people would like



As Maddox says, seven-sixteenths of one inch isn’t that far to move your pinky finger. It’s worth the effort.

Please, if you are going to bash cars, at least use punctuation and grammar.

That is true. You have to be in violation of something else. A cop cannot pull you over for the cell phone violation alone. But usually, they will pull you over for “reckless driving” or speeding. And then say hello to a good $200 fine.

noice…now i know what to do in my sport trac…suhweeet

now now peter you are crazy but that’s okay…

hmm maybe i’ll take the computer when i hitch a ride w/ you…you can drive i’ll post on cd :slight_smile:


I know, but I live in the one place were the average home price is $650,000 so forgive me if I want to save money on something on a car. ( second hand)

Thanks for the reply.


Its got 24 thousand miles on it, I treat it like crap, I barely wash it, and I drive it like I stole it, drive over anything that does not stick up more than 12 inches off the ground, I take flooded streets at insane speeds when my wipers cant even keep up. But the paint keeps on shining, and the only work I did on it was changing the oil. Never did any “Fix or Repairs” ever.

There was only 1 minor repair, which is an interesting story. Which I feel like telling. I was driving with 2 of my out-of-town friends in the car, and we decided to go to the mall. Well one of the fellows had a workout shirt on with cutoff sleeves. We were going to the nice part of town and I told him he needed to get a clean shirt. So we decided to go back to the place he was staying. Well we were in a parking lot for a movie theater. This theater is on 2 major roads, I needed to go South on the road in the front of the shopping center. Well I was at the East-West exit, it was raining and I realized I needed to turn around and get on the other street. I did not feel like going down the street West for a mile to do a U turn because it was a Right Turn only with a median for a good mile. I thought I would take the shorter route, by just backing up (because there was no room to do a U in the exit. I looked backwards and no one was there. So I put it in reverse and backed up. BANG. I hit something that was very hard and somewhat unmovable. Which I still could not see from any of my 3 mirrors. I got out to find out there was a 2002 green Honda civic behind me that had tailgated me. (If you remember the 2002 models they were very low and it looked like a wedge with wheels.) The woman was skipping work and was trying to leave the theater. I looked at the damage and my back bumper was bent downwards. (Ford Puts 1/4 inch or so stamped hardened bumpers on the sport trac(tytus asked if they were using depleted uranium for bumpers), carefully hidden by the plastic cover, they have to be quite thick because they have a hitch built into them.) The Honda civic looked a bit worse. My bumper had gone through all the bumpers, the headlights, the fenders popped off and the Hood turned into an A. My bumper smashed into her radiator, which smashed into the cooling fans which snapped the belt and killed the engine instantly, which then crunched into the engine. But the engine did not stay in place, it decided to get up and move, but it had no where to go except into the car, it punched through the firewall and popped the dash board out into the people inside. I will testify these 2 women were perfectly fine and everyone in my car, the Fire department, and the police officer. They might have been frightened, but in no way were they hurt. They were out of the car walking around screaming within seconds. One thing to note, their airbags never went off (or the airbag senors just suck). Which signifies a very low speed crash. But lets just think of how much damage my car just caused that civic. Would you want to own a civic? Continuing the story, I asked the women if they were OK. But all the said was a bunch of profanity and “yea, I’m calling the cops!” If you were to take the height of her car at the highest point, which prob was the back of the roof and drew an angle from my rear-view mirror over the tip of the backend of my car, which is approx 12 feet, the angle of my mirror looking behind me in the “blind zone” with her cars height was about 10 feet her car barely cleared that angle, which means she had to be inside that from the tip of her car to the back of her roof, which is roughly 8 feet, lets just be generous and say it was 6 feet, that would have meant her car could have been no more than 4 feet behind me. If you were to calculate the approx speed, 0-10 in the car is i think 2.8 or so. To do that it would be an e^x slope formula. Meaning in those 4 feet My max speed could have been around 6 mph. This accident was less 6 mph or less. Well after a good 45 minutes a fire engine showed up, yay! They asked the two women who was walking around like mad if they were alright, both side they were alright. The Fireman asked me if I was fine, we said we were alright also, and he told me there was an officer on his way. The Fire engine left and 15 minutes later an officer came. We both told our story and it was obvious who was at fault, even though the people in my car said to say she hit me, and it looked alot like she had ran right into the back of me. But I told the cop exactly what happened. He quickly wrote me a ticket for improper backing and I was on my way. The ticket said No injuries from both parties. Her car was left in a parking space for the tow truck to come and pick it up later. It was totaled on spot. The drivers mother came to get her, and she was driving (drum roll) a Honda CRV! I drove off and went to the mall. A week later I brought my car in to the body shop and they threw a new bumper and cover on in an hour. Paint had not been even scuffed. 2 weeks later I get a letter in the mail from Cohen & Cohen attorneys at law, Odd. I open it to find out the driver is suing my insurance company for 80,000 for “serious personal injuries” These were the same women who were wondering around for an hour before the cop came? Oh but the fun did not end there. 3 weeks after that the passenger in her car also filed a claim for 37,000 for “serious personal injuries” from this 6 mph crash. I have not talked to my agent but last I heard they wanted 117,000 dollars. Who knows if they are gonna get it or not. I have a feeling they wont. But the reason I tell people this story is, would you like to have a car with a bent bumper, or one with the Engine popping through the dash. Its your decision, Choose wisely. Just imagine if you ran into something at lets say 15 or 25, do you think you would get out of the car alive? (excluding old civics, cause they were built awesome and accords too)

PS Arefin of 108 can testify that this is all in fact, true

lol peter you just told me this story last friday…lol…i believe you fully…no need to ask crazy arefin…lol

u’r crazy peter but that’s okay