pic: CHIJ welcome breakfast

the girls at CHIJ were so much fun to hang out with. They averaged between 13-16 years old, I believe, so they were a bit younger than the students in our group. We spent that day touring the school and checking out their facilities… that building is practically BRAND NEW (maybe 2 years old?). Because it’s a Catholic school, the government only supports 95% of its funding so that they can talk about God and pray and such. The vice principal told us that the 5% the school pays is about $1.6 million Singaporean (about $1.06 million US) YEARLY, but it’s a small price to pay. It was an awesome day :slight_smile:

On a somewhat unrelated topic, breakfast in Singapore is an interesting meal. They eat a lot of pastries, but be sure to break them open before biting in!

“Curry puffs”, or flaky pastries filled with spicy beef or pork, are quite good, but when you’re expecting an apple/cinnamon flavor and bite in, it’s a bit disconcerting :ahh: :slight_smile: