pic: Children Of the Swamp 179

Team Picture taken today

:slight_smile: Nice picture and Congratulations!!!

Where is Amanda???
:confused: :confused:


So when you guys are building and practicing do you ever get the feeling you are being…watched?

w00t to swamp! wear the green warpaint in pride

What a great team.

… I always look up to this team (students and mentors). They put so much hard work into FIRST and their team. Students and mentors on this team are very inspiring. For the past two years, they have amazed me with their machine, they dominated at every single event they went to which included 2004 Florida Regional, 2004 Championship, 2004 Robot Rodeo, 2005 Florida Regional, 2005 Palmetto Regional… 2005 Championship yet to come.

The best thing about Children of the Swamp is how friendly they are. I know most of the team members from the team, they are all my friends, and whenever I feel like hanging out with them, I am welcomed to.

Tytus, Amanda, Dan, Umit, Mike, Mikey, David, Andrew, Marcus… Thanks guys for letting me be a part of you.

  • Arefin.

p.s.- Tyty, don’t ever post a picture of the team without Amanda. :mad:

Our beloved Amanda happens to also be valedictorian of her class this year. She was invited to a banquet dinner in her honor and therefore missed our picture/meeting. Maybe I should super-impose her in somewhere. It’s amazing we got everyone to hold still and in position long enough for this picture. I don’t know what’s a greater accomplishment this year - the wins or this photo.

i think the photo wins the best award…lol…just teasing…you guys have done soo well. u’r sister team S.P.A.M. once again is soooooooooo proud of you all. together we have been “growing” up the past 8 years. it’s been fun and i’ve seen you guys for 6 years. from the bots to the members in and out it’s just been great.

you guys are missing a few people though i know especially amanda…congrads to her on that one…

i still love the back wall guys…really make you know it’s the swamp’s pit…(i’m wish we could paint the outside of our building)

congrads again to one of the greatest team in FIRST… from their robot, students and mentors they just make a winning team :slight_smile:

luv ya guys :slight_smile: