pic: Children's Hospital Donation, Ramp Riot 2006

Way to go, Miss Daisy.

How did you do it?

That picture was in The Reporter on Tuesday, November 21st. I saw it because my picture was below it. :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, where do you get those big checks from? Its something I’ve always wondered.

Just imagine taking one of those into your local bank to cash. HAHA

Imagine having to carry a checkbook that big around all the time…:ahh:

And making your signature larger haha

And btw… that is one awesome robot to the right in that picture there :cool:

We actually made that ourselves, I was hoping we could find a giant check store but we were out of luck!

Just out of curiousity - what was the donation for (obviously, the Children’s Hospital, but was there any specific area that it was sent to?) and how was the money raised?

Story behind this? Local kid in school in it? Just being nice?

And clicking on the picture revealed the total to be $800.

You could add some balloons and make it look like Publishers Clearinghouse! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations though. :slight_smile:

We raised the money in a variety of ways.

Childrens Hospital has a tradition of selling little, lapel sized, Daisies for a dollar. We sold them in our school to teachers and students. We also stood outside of a local Mall with our robot and collected donations. And finally we buy some Daisies to hand out at competitions.
We don’t want to solicit donations at regionals, so we just buy them and use them as giveaways. You may already have one of our daisies if you went to Philly, Chesapeake, or Atlanta. All together that totalled $800.

We also visit kids and their families in the hospital and let them drive our machines. One little known fact is that there are many bored siblings in Children’s Hospital sitting with their ill brother or sister, so we usually get a nice crowd.

Besides the obvious Daisy theme connection, we also have several people on our team that have deep ties to Children’s Hospital. They have been particularly good to my family and I love that we can help them. its nice when you can use FIRST to give back to deserving people.

I’ll try to find a C.H.O.P. daisy picture and post it.

Thanks for your interest.

Al Ostrow

Very cool Al! I was sure that there was a story behind it - I’m glad that you shared it with us :slight_smile: