pic: Choose your weappon!

This is an array of of tools we placed in the hallway one night during build season. Oh so many tools.

That looks like about how many tools I put in my cargo pants before a regional. . .No wait, I have more. :yikes: Nice selection!

Where’s the duct tape???

I’ll take the vice grip and the automatic hole punch!:slight_smile:

I think I’ll take one of the needle nose pliers and the side cutters.

I wanted lots of 1/8" drill bits and a hammer. =(

Zip-Ties. They fix everything. Gimme Zip-Ties and I’m stoked.

Plus, they are perfect for attaching your sleeping classmate to his desk :cool:

Don’t forget the zip tie gun to go with them. Zip tie guns are far too amusing, we had a lot of fun with them this season.

Touche. Add the zip-tie gun to my list :smiley:

Pop rivets. Oh yea.

What’s a zip tie gun and how can I get one?

So cool. I was introduced to them in Pittsburgh this year. They tighten AND cut zipties for you. :smiley: I want one of those too.

I <3 Deburing Tools. You might want to throw a pencil into that stack too. And a sharpie, they work well on aluminum.

this is


Go to most local hardware stores near the zipties/cable ties.


I love how much attention is now being paid to the zip-tie gun lol.

Ps. I second the deburring tool. When you have as many hand-drilled ligtening hole on your robot as we did, its hard no to have one or two in your pocket 24/7

Pps. Toss in a dremel tool. They make for some pretty neat light shows :smiley:

nods We found a website selling them for a decent price, and bought enough to hand out to each team at Pittsburgh. So I’m pretty sure the one you were introduced to came from us. Everyone seemed to love them as much as we do. :smiley:

Your assumption is correct, it was one from your team! I didn’t end up with one to keep though. Oh well… birthday gift? Anyone? Saturday of Championships? No? Thats ok… :wink:

Choose my weapon hmm… I’ll have to take the file, pliers, clamp, and the lightsaber. Never know when you need to cut through a blast door to get to the robot:D


All the tools above mentioned were in the array of tools(apart from the rivets), but the picture only included a small section.

ahh yes, our weapon assortment… we came out of that night with a few less members…survival of the fittest, to say the least