pic: Chop Shop 166 Recycle Rush Robot

Meet Chop Shop 166’s Recycle Rush robot, name to be determined…

This robot was 100% designed by students and the fabrication was either done by our local waterjet company, Colorco or by students.

It weighs in at ~105 lb, but we have plans for features to be added in the future!

It was mechanically complete on Friday, software integration was completed yesterday, and our autonomous mode was completed tonight with about an hour of drive practice.

Looks good!

How high can it stack an RC? Can it also stack totes?

Best of luck this year! We’ll see you at Northeastern…

After we add grip material to our gripper, it should be able to place an RC on an existing stack of 5 totes and yes, it can stack totes. It hooks into the handles, so we’re limited to carrying 3 at a time.

I didn’t get to watch you guys at Week Zero, but I heard good things. Good luck next weekend in Nashua.

Looks great guys! Hopefully we’ll see you in Worcester in April…if all goes to plan!!