pic: Chris Noble Looking Goofy

Here's Chris Noble, a 1018 mentor and my electronics teacher, taking a break and goofing off during work.

goofy? he looks perfectly normal to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was a new Coke add at first. :slight_smile:

when doesn’t chris look goofy? hehehe.

Sorry chris couldn’t resist you know i love ya!

Its good to see that some things in this world never change!

Hey now. I come on ChiefDelphi to look at pictures of sexy robots, not nerdy mentors!

p.s. - Chris owes me dinner

That my friends is the affect of living off caffinated beverages, no complete meals, and very little sleep for that past 6 weeks! :cool:

I could only expect it. It is only what 10 build seasons will do to you :yikes: . haha, just kidding, Nobz.