pic: CHS 2017 - Active vs Defunct Teams

All active and defunct Chesapeake District teams by rookie year.

All data taken from TBA, there may be a couple of mistakes (teams that only participated in offseasons, etc.).

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Can you explain how this relates to the other graph you recently posted which seems to show more defunct teams?


The earlier graph was for the 132 active teams that qualified / didn’t qualify for CHS DCMP. All of those teams are in this image in addition to 109 inactive teams. Here’s the chart from above but modified to have DCMP qualified teams in green, active non-DCMP teams in blue, and defunct teams in red: http://i.imgur.com/2S9HlE6.png

If you only look at the blue and green portions it’s the same as the chart that I posted earlier. :slight_smile:

loving these graphs. I wonder what is the source of the large influx of teams at certain points