pic: Chuck Yaeger speaks


Brigadier General Chuck Yaeger addresses the crowd. Very enjoyable.

Are any teams planning on taking Mr. Yaeger’s advice and strapping bombs to your robot to blow up other robots!

wait a minute…were not battle bots!

sure he may have said somthing that upset some people, but what everyone has got to realize, is that this man spent the better part of his life in the armed forces, and in his time ( WWII era) that is the way people spoke when they were in the service, i think that people need to respect National Icons like him, and the various others that represent the country

Chuck was at the Championship? Darn - I would of loved to meet him!

WW2?! - ever hear of something called the sound barrier?

Chuck OWNS it :c) [you break it - you bought it!]

who thinks that what he said about the bombs was the hint for next yeasrs game. although not with bombs but could be with some projectile

[edit] i know this was meant as a joke, just a little bit of curiosity thats all [/edit]

I doubt it. Your reading WAY to much into this. Otherwise, I think this guy was nice, honest, and fun. Sure, bombs was a funny thing, but you need to realize that he grew up differntly and at a differnt time than now. It was ment as a joke, ya know, that’s why he LAUGHED.

i guesse i just dont see the humor in blowing things up and destruction.

I was so happy to see him there. Got his autograph and blessing for basic training. Coming from a military family, he’s a legend. I called my dad as sson as I could.

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**Chuck was at the Championship? Darn - I would of loved to meet him!

WW2?! - ever hear of something called the sound barrier?

Chuck OWNS it :c) [you break it - you bought it!] **
Very good, you know your history, but i would say that WWII was a little better in historical terms


Chuck Yearger was shot down over france and eventually returned to the americans, at that point he should have been send home (after you were shot down u werent allowed to fly) but he begged and was like the only person who was allowed to fly after being shot down (at least in WWII)

Next would be the fact that he is an ace (5 confirmed Kills) not only in WWII but also Korea

Thirdly i would like to point out that he was also one of a select few that Shot down the first German Jet Aircraft

he was also a move star, he played the owner of the bar that He(portrayed by another actor) frequented in the movie ‘The Right Stuff’

shooting down other planes in a war - lots of people did that - there were many aces on both sides

when you are in battle you are pretty much going head to head against a known enemy

but Chuck was a test pilot for a long time, and he crashed a lot more planes in test flights than he had shot out from under him.

Several pilots died trying to break the sound barrier before Yeager strapped himself in the X1 - going up against the unknown - doing something for first time - thats a whole nuther level of hero.

How many of you would have strapped yourself into your teams robot, and dropped at 20,000 feet from a bomber, knowing it was the first time the machine was tested? :c) You know what I mean - engineers can only test their theories so far, until someone like Chuck has to get in the cockpit and light the fuse to finish the job.

I think Chuck is also one of the few people around who turned down (thumbed his nose?) at NASA. He could easily have been the first man in space, in orbit, or even on the moon.

a thousand years from now, nobody will remember war heros, but Chuck will have his place in history on a big scale, next to Yuri, Orville, Buzz, and Dean :c)

PS if you were lucky enough to hear him speak, or to meet him in person - that is something you can tell your GGGrandchildren about, 100 years from now - how you met the guy who broke the sound barrier - can you image, pulling out your team shirt and showing them HIS autograph? or a photo of you standing next to him?