pic: CIA 291 Robot Reveal

We are using a monkey fist also, but at the top of the rope instead.
Looks great and see you folks in Pittsburgh.

Some pictures of our bumper mounts.

Here is a video of our robot, Delta, Cycling gears. The first clip is from today and the second from Friday. Our Cute still isn’t far enough away, as we still haven’t had time to sweep the ceiling debris and asbestos off the floor :ahh:. Hopefully we can do this soon, so we can get an idea of our actual cycle times. :smiley:

The local news came and did a feature today as well. Here is a link to watch.

Impressive driving.

I just want to add: CHECK YOUR ROPE’S LOAD RATING!!! Our robot came crashing down today after it got halfway up and the rope broke.:ahh: . Delta (that’s our robot’s name) is fine, thankfully. We will be choosing a much stronger rope after this little lesson!

Impressive driving.

Thanks! :cool:

Awesome work- with the robot, the 12 News feature, and the cool practice area (nice shipping crate re-purposing!).

See you in Pittsburgh!

Is there a reason your gear holder is so wobbly in the sideways direction? I feel like it might be easier to place the gears if it were fixed to the robot better. I imagine you have a good reason for it to swing like that though.

It swings like that so it can give a little (or a lot) so the robot doesn’t have to be perfectly lined up with the peg, the gear mechanism lines up passively. It is a little annoying though when driving, so we may end up stiffening it a bit.

Hey the robot looks great. We made a similar design and are having trouble bracing it. What would you recommend to help keep it stable?

Hey 2656!
Thanks! What are you trying to brace? Does your gear mech pivot? We are using surgical tubing to keep it centered, but we are going to make it a bit tighter.

Good luck!

After much work, we have a working gear auto!


We received a NavX micro from First Choice this year, and we are now using it extensively to keep straight and turn! We are using encoders to track how far we have gone, and precisely and accurately go a set distance. Middle, and right peg autos coming soon! :smiley: