pic: Circuitrunner[1002] giveaways for 2007

these [left] are the giveaways the Cirucitrunners will be giving out at VCU, Peachtree, and hopefully nationals

they have also already been given out to FVC teams at DeVry university for the Georgia FVC competition

Do they have The Netowk?:smiley:

I think you mean network not notowk:confused:

Need spellchek.

Yes Ed they have the network.
So are you in?

Join the network is our slogan for the year and this has been one of the most popular handouts at each event so far.

We walk around talking on them and start to describe a person and then tell them it is for them. Then we tell them to Join the Network.

Everyone laughs and then wants more.
You have to love a handout that people talk about that is the purpose, it is all about marketing.

I don’t get it lol. Yeah, they “sell” like hot cakes.