pic: Circuitrunners FVC 1002 at DeVry

a picture of our vex robot this year: Decision Pending

the name came up because our robot design took so long to decide on
and by so long
i mean
really long

and in the back of the picture, you can see FVC 2107, a member of the winning alliance at the regional

Wow, both of those robots look really intense. Do you have any more pictures of 2107, I’m really curious to see it in more detail. From this picture it looks like it has a really really high center of mass and a very small base. What were the scores like in the final round?

Regardless of how you did, congratulations on a very capable looking robot.

All the matches I watched, 2107 was rock steady. I didn’t get a real good look, but they must have managed to keep the center of gravity pretty low. It was a very impressive bot to watch, very reliable.

I had to leave before the finals, so I don’t know what the scores were then. The highest score during the preliminary rounds was 100, and there was also a 91.

If no one else posts one, I’ll try and post a better picture of 2107 this weekend once I have a chance to start editing the 9 hours of video footage.