pic: Clarkson Robotics Gets Their Talons

Is it strange that I really want to buy you guys one more Talon just so the “2” looks more realistic? :slight_smile:

Explains why they went so quick…

In that quantity, they had to have purchased them, not First choice.

that’s a lot of talons. what are the pros besides its smaller?

Nope ALL from FIRST choice :smiley:

Isn’t that well over 100 points worth?

Clarkson has two teams I believe.

Congrats…now we have to buy ours…

This will be interesting

Keep in mind that the User Manual recommends the use of fans for the Talons if they will be continuously subjected to 30 amps or more. Most systems will probably be fine, but you might want fans on the drive train.

  • Bryce

They’re totally sealed, virtually eliminating the the possibility of getting metal shavings in them and frying them. I also seem to recall they have a output that is slightly more linear than Victors do (but slightly less than Jags).

I basically consider them a sort of Victor-Jaguar hybrid as far as performance goes.

Yes we do. Team 229 Division By Zero, and Team 4124 Integration By Parts

Does that mean the next rookie team started/supported by Clarkson has to be “L’Hopital’s Rule”, “Chain Rule Gang” or “The Laplace Transforms”?

I’d prefer Euler’s Method.

I like the Chain rule Gang :smiley: but can’t imagine how much more expensive it would be for Clarkson to sponsor a third team’s funding D:

Disk Method would have been the perfect name for another team this year.

How about “Disk(crete) Method” :rolleyes: (see http://people.clarkson.edu/~ajerri/book4.html, my favorite book from Clarkson :slight_smile: