pic: Claw of doom (571)

here's our claw in both positions. but you could probably have figured that out yourself.

Wow look at the size of that monstrosity! Simple yet efficient…

not quite as simple as you think. there will be a powered wrist at the top of the claw, at the point where it connects to the arm. it can fold back completely to get in the starting dimensions.

Have you guys sized that thing up with the stationary goal?

it has three 6 foot poles and five eight foot poles

are you sure you can place the ball in the goal with that, and then open it (so your not touching the ball as required) and back away from the goal - without snagging the 8 foot poles?

what a GIGANTIC claw. i can see why you call it the claw of doom. Will you be able to get the yellow ball off the top of the movable with this claw? or r you just intending to get the one off the top of the platform?

yeah, it gets it off the moveable fine. It’s only huge in its open position - it gets a LOT smaller when its closed for storage and stuff. the bigness gives you a much wider target when your trying to get the ball, something that will probably be helpful if we’re extending it out to grab the middle one.

all in all, it weighs about 6 or 8 pounds.

oh yeah, and its on an arm that goes up about 11 feet.

I would think that sucker would make you… somewhat top-heavy. Can you explain how you are going to get it up to full height and not be prone to tipping?

yeah. as i said, its on the end of a wrist that pivots - you can actually tip it back a little so that when you open it up the ball rolls out forward on an angle and down through the lower arms. the arms don’t get snagged cause they’re never actually in the goal. (not that they would if they were, they’re gently curved survaces, they should just slide out)


it may look big, but it is only 6 or 8 pounds. not a whole lot of weight. and it only goes that high to hook onto a bar (mechanism for that not shown, but there is a hook that clips in to the back of the claw).

Me: "Oooooo! A Paragon Teaser!"
My Roomie: "Is it a red drive-base?"

It looks really good guys.
Hopefully we’ll see it in action.


hahaha…four arms when you only need one.

Less than half the weight and no worries about the pvc :smiley:

I’ll post a pic as soon as I get a chance.

Seriously though, nice arms. They look like they work great and will be a beast to compete against.

Good job guys (and gals)!!

the base probably will be red, we just haven’t painted it yet