pic: Clay model of

So, everyone has these complex models of the 2007 game. Heres one that works for me. A mentor on our team made this and cut out pieces of paper for ringers. It is a great tool for strategy especially when combined with the Game Simulator.

We did somthing similar to this, except we used K’Nex and colored washers. How’d it work?

Well, it was an actual timed game. At the beginning of the match all 6 people (robots) roll 3 dice. The combined total tells you how many seconds you take before you can place a ringer/spoiler/keeper. If you roll doubles, you can place a keeper during autonomous on a green light position. If you roll triples, you can place a keeper anywhere during autonomous. A parent, after learning how it worked also created software to help ease all of the counting. It works because it will combine your strategy with on your feet thinking.

You don’t need much of a budget to build this model!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know, the clay and pencils might be a big stretch for a few teams.

That being said…

I like it. It’s nifty.