pic: Climbing.


HEY!!! Thats dangerous!! Wear safety glasses next time…


:confused: Now how were you guys able to keep the rope straight and stiff enough to push him up that high??


Is that actually a chain that you’re climbing?

*If you look at it closely it looks like a chain, unless it’s the way the light hits it…unless it’s just me! :stuck_out_tongue: *

Yeah I see the chain too.
It is way too thin for someone that big to climb if it was a rope or something :slight_smile:


Or at least some gloves… chain burn (if you want to call it that) is worse than rope burn sometimes. lol

i am an excellent rope climber, it was chain, however i couldve done it if it were a rope too, look close it was a tire swing, im not that big, 5’4" 100 lbs

btw, i used no gloves :smiley:

after climbing this chain about once a day for 3 weeks i am now able to do 10-12 one-armed pullups xD

darn I cant do any pull ups… sigh…:slight_smile:

this is cool but it would be cool of you photoshoped the rope being on fire and him dressed as a ninja. fighting other ninjas who are also on fire.

i can do that… lol next time i have free time i will :wink:

Shouldn’t you be… oh I don’t know, building robots or something with all that free time? :rolleyes:

Very cool though.

Uhm… is there a first related item in this picture? Other than the dude climbing the chain? :confused:

Are you using a plastic lawn chair as a frame for your robot this year? :wink: