pic: Closed Hand

We have made pully’s and installed them in each knuckle and than ran steel cable hiden through the fingers. It is fairly strong and has dented an empty can with the grab.

DETAILS!!! lol
so i’m assuming just cable running the length of the finger to close it?

whats this for?

that hand is awesomehttp://robot.gmc.ulaval.ca/en/research/theme303.html

To To view a few more pictures http://www.team1322.org/news.htm
To see the design drawings http://www.team1322.org/ideas.htm#Mechanical%20Hand

We want to use it for demostrations and if we get it working will we will use it on a future robot.

What material did u use for the pulleys?

we used a 1 in hole saw to cut 1/4 in aluminum and then put it on a lath to cut the groove.

First word that popped into my head: Claw•E


For rigorous use in non-lab environments, I see a bevel or worm gear setup in this claw’s future. Nice design, especially for an FRC bot.