pic: Closeup of the robot hanging on robot

Here is the closeup of the robot hanging on another robot. Is it hanging?
NO, referee rule it a "no hang."

this was a very close match. my team was the alliance captain that was with team 11 (robot hanging on 237) We didnt know what the judges were gonna call on this one, but it turned out it was illegal to hang on another bot.

BTW congrats to 237 for a great bot, winning NJ, and thanks for all the help this year.

To be honest, our entire team was terrified of MORT, and rightly so. You guys had a great bot. Still, this is the first time I’ve seen a close up, and… Well. At least we know the arm can take a beating.

That match was one of the best battles I witnessed at NJ for King of the Bar.
I hope someone took a video of it. We were all watching from the side with excitment! That’s why I grab my camera knowing very well it was a close call.

MORT was awesome and terrifying to be able to force it’s way on to the platform and grab some real estate of the bar. It just missed the bar by a couple of inches.

i have a vid of it…, but my advisor has the tape. I will try to get something posted on my site on monday

I can imagine that pretty much every match 237 is in, there’s gonna be a big battle to get onto that bar! Kudos to you guys- I think all of us wanted to have your kind of hook, but only a few could do it! I look forward to being in a match with almost every robot I saw at the NJ regional. (I was there with a few members of my team, scouting.)

In about every match that we had against hanging robots their stragegy would be to attack us and or get onto the bar before we could get up. That match is the best match that stands out in my mind when I think of the competition. If they drive left I would drive the shimmy to the left. If they drove to the right I would drive and meet them with the shimmy on the right. They finally desided to give up the chanse of fake us out and grab hold of our hook.

Our drive team did a great job of getting us up there. After working out a few kinks, we battled back from last place beginning of Saturday to getting into the semi finals thanks to Team 195 picking us as an alliance partner. ( thanks #195 !!! ).

Why does my long posts never work right… arghh.

I have more to post on this subject, but will just post a picture since my computer stinks at the time being!!

Here is a closeup of our Shimmy though!

I hope that missing chunk of metal wasn’t caused by our hook. LOL.

just kidding!!! The thought never crossed my mind to roll on the bar. My compliments on a truly unique, simple and clever approach.

My congrats to team 237. Great work at controlling the bar… My fakeouts did work though, from what I am told I am the only “enemy” to get on the bar while you guys are hanging. :stuck_out_tongue: Too bad our arm isnt too fast at going up to attach. :frowning:

Missing chunk of metal?? What do you mean?

Hey Team 237- I’ve said b4, but that is a wicked arm. I was wondering, though, from my viewpoint in the stands, it looked like you would always shimmy across the bar b4 pulling urselves the rest of the way up to hang. Am i losing it, or is there something behind that?

Basicly it looks cool when we do it and we can defend the bar a little bit faster

Also (i forgot to include this in my last post) i send my congrats to the drivers of team 11 on the attempt to get on the bar that time, if I slipped up or there was more time you could of gotten up.

Also, since our arm pulls itself up pneumatically (very slow), it allows maybe a little faster time to pull itself up, if we get all our wheels off the ground faster by moving them back and forth. I don’t know if it works or makes a huge difference in time, but like Ted said, it looks cool too!!!

ive gotta give props to T.R.I.B.E. team #237 because their hook was by far one of the most ingenious designes that i have ever seen and i congradulate them on being the J&J NJ Regional Champions

We did move back and forth before we got up. It was alittle idea I had in about the 4th qualifying round. We couldnt block the fast robots, so i had the arm operator try starting before we pulled up so we could protect easier and I am glad to say it did.