pic: Closing Ceremonies


Old school. back in 2001…I found some old pics, so wanted to post

Ha! That’s funny… I was thinking about posting one of the exact same pictures last night. Here in a minute I’ll post links to some of the ones I have. Having Nationals at EPCOT was an awesome time and the closing ceremonies/parties they put on were pretty good too.


One of my favorites:


I long for the good old days.

I remember that…those were the good ole days…can’t really have too massive of a fireworks display in the Georgiadome can we? And plus getting a free Mandy Moore concert was uber cool too!!!

it was a different time, back when we use to take the robots behind the stage at the closing ceremony

an blow them all up so they could not be used again next year! :ahh:

you will never hear rock & roll on bagpipes in Atlanta, Im certain of that!

No but I mean… I wish another band would play in Atlanta… maybe someone like U2

Ha! I have almost that exact picture on my computer. I was showing it to some of the kids on my FIRST team the other day and they were all excited - “THAT’S Nationals!?” No, no kids - that was Nationals. And it was awesome.

Maybe this year, I’ll make it to the Georgiadome (I haven’t seen the Championship since 2003!!) :slight_smile:

The fireworks at Centennial Park “across the street from” the Dome seemed pretty massive to me the past couple of years.

I wish FIRST still was at Disney World, I have been to 3 Disney Championships (00, 01, 02) and 2 non-Disney (Texas 2003 and Georgia 2004) and neither of them even came close to what Disney was!

I had a taste of it in 2002. It was sweet.

The Houston and Atlanta style Championships are just different from them. I do hope someday though that they will return to a venue that has an open air environment to it and not just a massage convention center feeling. It was cool going to a robotics competition and getting a sunburn.

I know exactly what you mean…I’ve been to the Championships every year since 2001. 2001 In Disney competing, 2002 in Disney competing in FLL, 2003 in Houston competing, 2004 in the Georgiadome competing, and 2005 in the Georgiadome volunteering/rooting for my team…

and by FAR the two at Disney were the best…after the day’s worth of competing you could go to the parks take one look around and see someone on a FIRST team…by far the best time of my life…and who could forget Dean balancing on the ramp in 2001 on the IBOT?

Good times

I think these pics are from 2001 (atleast that’s what the caption reads). The Mandy Moore concert was in 2002. I remember Mandy Moore, because one of the guys on my team threw his MOE Jersey at her. :rolleyes: Mandy Moore may very well be wearing a bright green vintage MOEHawk Jersey right now, but probably not.

That guy wasn’t on the team in 2001 (my rookie year) when we won the champs (Im probably somewhere in that new medal pic). Ahhhh… the memories come rushing back. There is no place like Disney and I hope FIRST will return.

1997 was the first year they had it out in the parking lot at Epcot. Very small pits hard to get around. But great closing show great food.

Then every year after that the pits got better but the show went down hill plus the food went down hill.

Last year they had it, most all the field where inside tents with AC. that was great. The pits had lots of room.

I think Disney was the best place to have the National. It gave the students something to do after the competition. Very kid friendly.

The good old days

You are correct. Mandy Moore was 2002. The best thing about a the free Mandy Moore concert was everyone walking out 10 minutes into it because we’re all too geeky to pass up Epcot. (Hot chick, Epcot, Hot chick, Epcot… Epcot!)

2001 was the first year of the FIRST water. When that picture was taken, I was dripping wet from the water fight, which took place right before Dean started talking about all the kids in Africa that don’t have clean water to drink. The hat and visor that I had Dean and Woodie sign were dry though :). I still have an unopened bottle of FIRST water from that first year sitting on my trophy shelf.

I do miss the open air events. I am sure they are a nightmare to worry about running but they are such a great setting for robots. The facility at the IRI could actually be revamped for an out door event and we have talked about it but after pricing the outdoor amphitheater tent and the rainstorm we experienced last year I doubt we could make it happen. Those days in Disney were such a more festivous atmosphere (hope that makes sense and not just a Seinfeld reference). Remember port-a-pot row and what a great experience that was. Einstein field gave you a much more of a rock star feel with the raised stage. Oh those were the good days.

I remember the Mandy Moore show. I was just really happy that I was holding my video camera with the massive zoom on it. :rolleyes:

I also remember a girl on our team getting pooped on by one of the birds they released. :ahh:

/misses WDW/

too bad we didnt have awsome fireworks like that in 2005 georgia dome… :wink:

thx for posting

Anyone else remember when the rain came & the floor tiles started to float. That was fun.
I still get chills when I think about 2000, as rookies going down to Orlando & seeing the massive setup. 2001 was the first year for divisions at Nat’s, what a surprise it was to be given medals & banners for winning a division.
Ah the good old days.

Me Too!

Wasn’t the year of the floods in 2001? I remember having to move everything up off the floor that one day when the temorary flooring was covered with water.

One of the coolest things was the team party in Epcot what is better than WDW with free food, rides, and ice cream?

I remember having to ride The Living Seas attraction to get to the food one year.

[quote=team222badbrad]Me Too
One of the coolest things was the team party in Epcot what is better than WDW with free food, rides, and ice cream?

If I remember that food wasn’t free and had a hefty price tag. If I was a student there it probably seemed free but as mentors that set arrangements up it was expensive. Maybe worth the price if you could afford it.[/quote]