pic: Coach May

Can someone tell me how to make this my profile pic? Please and thank-you!

IIRC, you need to add “Who Am I?” to the tag section of the photo, and then a name-badge button will show up for you when you view it (Near the edit, delete and ‘favorite’ buttons). Hope that helps!

Go to User CP --> Edit Avatar —> Upload or use from a website like Photobucket…etc. Make sure it fits within the size parameters and your good to go :smiley:

Thanks Libby!!!

Yes, thank you Libby! I had been wondering about the same thing. My WAI was getting old. (Actually the picture wasn’t, but I was.)

HAHA! That’s the same thing that’s happening to me!! :smiley:

I used the one you spun for me. Still don’t understand why the other one spun on here, as it was in the right orientation on my computer, but all is well now. Thanks for your help!