pic: Coach Mentor 2014


The Coach Mentor pin for 2014 that FIRST sends to all mentors registered with a team.
It comes with a certificate too.

Got them both last night.
I’ll hang them both on my Fork Truck.

I got my certificate but no pin. Were they in the same envelope or are they shipped separately?

They were supposed to be in the same envelope.

Do you post pics of your Jeep? For that matter, how close are you to running out of space? :smiley:


If you’re not looking closely, it’s easy to overlook the pin included in the envelope.

Mine was triangle shaped. I wonder if they ran out of the one design and went with something completely different for the remaining?

or perhaps they gave out triangle, square and circle ones. Just a thought.

My narrow aisle fork truck.

Mine was triangle shaped and it said 2013 not 2014
did some of us get an old one?

I was looking forward to getting a new 2014 one.

Anyone else get a 2013 one?

I definitely got the wrong one. The certificate is for 2013 also…
I guess this year doesn’t count for me.

I haven’t even gotten one yet… But if I do, I’d hope for the 2014 one.

Welcome to Districts … you get the leftovers :yikes: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it.

Who do we contact at FIRST if we haven’t received one in the next week or so?

No pin here:(

The ones who haven’t received one yet. Have you sign into the tims system and are assigned to a team?

Yes and I’m registered and accepted to 461

In years past these pins were sent out over a period of several months.
Some mentors didn’t report receiving a pin until after the regular season ended.
They don’t all come at once.

Here are the past three years of Coach-Mentor pins using the logo theme.


I received my 2014 square one last weekend.