pic: Coach-Mentor Pin 2018

Received in the mail today from FIRST.

I would love to get one of these. Have been a mentor for 13 years and have only gotten a few. Last one was 2011. Did I get on the naughty list for some reason?

When you sign in to the FRC Dashboard are you listed for your team?

It should be going to mentors who have been invited to teams and have joined through the system.
That’s where they pull the list from.

Love the pins year in and out but was sort of disappointed in the design this year. Would of liked a pin that went along with the 2018 Power Up theme as they’ve done some years in the past. But hey love that FIRST takes a second to recognize those mentors/coaches that help out in their free time.

From the colors on bottom of the pin, I expect that this was used across all four programs.

Here are all the pins from 2008 to 2018 for comparison.

I completely agree. Sorry I unfortunately have trouble with the colors I am colorblind haha.

Have to admit a preference for the triangle, circle, square series of pins that were evocative of the FIRST logo…

Mine was broken. (Stem snapped off.) Anyone know how to get a replacement?

PM sent

They did! Don’t you recognize a Power Up cube when you see one?:wink:

Haha true. :eek: :eek: Unfortunately the rectangular form of the pin threw me off!

Super cool that you have all of these! I love seeing how they’ve evolved over the years. It’s definitely a collection to be proud of for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Notice the gold one representing 25 years of FRC.

I realized that these game specific pins are probably what you were thinking of.


Is there anywhere to get a pin from past years if you are missing one?

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