pic: Coincidence.

ahhh, good observation. I wonder if we will have a square or cube game piece next year.

Well, we did have the blue sterilite boxes in 2004…

2003 and before that there was nothing but balls after 1997 when it was these funky floppies.
You guys are reading too much into this. FIRST will probably go with the field element that is the most available and least expensive (the tetra was the most unique field element they ever came up with but I serously doubt they will ever do anything like it ever again).

This thread may be of interest to the creator of this image.

I believe that was Stack Attack in 2003. 2004 we were using playground balls for FIRST Frenzy. This is one of the oldest ideas that FIRST uses game pieces by shapes of their logo, but it would be difficult to make a game without using a triangle, circle or a square somewhere as a game piece or a field element. Yes, it could be done, but it is not probable. FIRST makes their games so versions can easily be built by teams at little cost. I still see no correlation of the logo to the game elements based on previous years. It is good, however, to try to be creative in figuring out just what FIRST is going to do next, it is part of the fun. Way to think outside the box…or circle…or triangle.

OMG are you saying we are going to have a question mark game element next, that would be crazy… :ahh:


Yeah, must be a Jello question mark! :wink:

Has anyone looked at the picture in this thread?

Quilt, itself
floor shadow


OH man!! Time to start makin’ the official logo a circle, triangle, question mark!


The question mark is the symbol of The Riddler, and also Matthew Lesko.

Let’s ask them what next year’s game will be!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or it could be backwards…

Square - 2003 (Bin)
Cirlce - 2004 (Ball)
Triangle - 2005 (Tetra)


Actually we had the exact same conversation among some of the members of our team. The conversation started when someone mentioned the thread with Dave holding the canister looking thing. One of our drivers on the team doubted that that would be the game piece for 2007. when asked why he brought up past games revealing the pattern to us. :smiley:

Or an anagram of Square (bin) Circle (ball) Triangle (tetra) Circle (poof ball) Square.

OMG are you saying we are going to have a question mark game element next, that would be crazy… :ahh:

Haha yea or maybe they will throw us off and…do yet another ball game :frowning:

or maybe completely different with an hourglass or hexagonal shape…

Greg… ::sigh:: I have no words.

I tend to disagree that FIRST does not think about their logo at all when deciding the game piece. I remember the first kick-off that I went to in 2005, Dean Kamen said something to the extent of, we haven’t used the triangle as a main game piece for a while so we decided to use it this year. So I think that although it is true that it is not always triangle, circle then square they have some correlation.

And yeah, thinking about the game is so much fun. I don’t know what I would do with my time without it. :ahh:

Re: pic: Coincidence.


and i Appologize for the short post

you know i looked at that question mark again and it reminds me of the flag on a mailbox, anyone else see that? :smiley:

The one exception I can think of to the correlation between the logo and the game pieces is Maize Craze in 1992, if you are counting the corn as a game piece.

Whatever did they do with all that corn once the competition was over? :confused: