pic: colin340 WAI 2014 & Huge Thanks for the newj

Driving to TEXAS for a new job teaching VEX at Greenville HS.

I just want the thanks all of Cd for helping me find a new job!! Thank you for the wonderful leads, links and words of encouragement!! In a time of need it really meant a ton to have so much great help.
HUGE thanks to Adrienne & Amy from 148 for a unfathomably amount to help I’m so excited to work with you guys!

Awesome! Looks like Texas just got incrementally stronger :wink:

We have a few New York transplants mentoring on our team as well, one was a former student of 340.

Look forward to having you in the area and seeing you in the local regionals next year.

Congrats on the job!
It’s great to see all these new mentors moving to Texas! I hope we have the pleasure of meeting in person at the Dallas regional!

WHATTT!! who do you have from 340??

John Griffith