pic: Colorado Winning Teams Photo

Teams 555 1583 1636

QTR 3-1 win 79-0, QTR 3-2 win 92-0, Semi 2-1 win 68-31, Semi 2-2 loss 76-77, Semi 2-3 win 76-47, Final 1-1 loss 4-14 (You gotta hate it when the negative battery lead comes out of the Allan Bradley Power Block :frowning: ), Final 1-2 win 34-32, Final 1-3 win 70-36.

Final match video clip

Thanks to all from team 1583

Ah man I look like a dork. Oh well, a winning dork. Of course then again, my hair lights up.:rolleyes:

hey, can anyone send me a high quality version of this picture. that would be great

  • Keith

Sure, as soon as our strategist gives me the pictures in the first place. His mom took pictures with his camera, 7 mega pixels. He’s sort of “forgetting” to drop the disc off at my house. I’ll get it on Tuesday.