pic: Colordo Regional Thursday

The empty field, we did not even have one practice round.

Does anyone mind explaining, someone texted me and told me that everyone was sent home on thursday? I don’t know how true that was, but does anyone know what really happened?



Thursday was cancelled due to a snowstorm. Friday ran practice and quals. Saturday starts early.

Don’t you love how rumors spread.:mad:

I’m a little lost by what you mean here.

DU closed the arena on Thursday at 10:30 and FIRST was required to send everybody home. I have my own suspicions about DU’s reasoning behind this but there was no rumor.

I was part of the inspection team, we were quite busy Friday morning trying to get everybody through inspection. They ended up giving every team 2 practice matches after the opening ceremonies and didn’t start qualifiers till later in the day. Despite the lost time the regional turned out great, everybody got plenty of field time.