pic: ComBBAT's 2005 Robot

Here’s “Prometheus,” ComBBAT’s 2005 robot featuring a dual-FP powered elevator and vandoor powered arm for capping.

Very cool. It reminds me of the Dalek robots from Doctor Who.

That looks like it is a mean machine, How high does the arm go?
Can’t wait to see it at Nat’s.
Good luck!

The base reminds me more of a campfire toaster:


Nice job, and after each match you’ll have a tasty snack!

Nah, I think it looks more like a cheese grater.


“Behold the Power of Cheese.”

It looks very good and very effective too.
Im looking forward to see it in COMBAT at UCF. :smiley:
Good Luck from team 1251 (Techtigers)