pic: Coming to Detroit...Team 3115 Robo-Panthers

With one competition under their belt, the Robo-Panthers from West Side Academy in Detroit are ready to find success at Detroit just as they did in Traverse City. 3115 won the Highest Rookie Seed Award and the Rookie Inspiration Award and led the sixth alliance as alliance captains.

Featuring an efficient helix lifter and using brushes to both acquire balls and dump them as well as hours of driver practice at their sister team 503’s field, 3115 is looking to solidify their robot’s spot at the state championships. Be sure to check them out this weekend!

You guys were amazing at traverse, and I can’t wait to see you guys at Detroit! You have a solid robot, that can score some major points! Hopefully we will be ale to play with you rather than against you this time :slight_smile:

Good job 3115! I’ve been in the pits, so I haven’t had the opportunity to see most of the matches, but your robot looks pretty awesome :smiley: We were considering a similar design, but ended up deciding against it went with our fancy conveyor system (even though it works, simpler is always better).

I think we’re up against you a few times tomorrow (and i believe that one of those matches is against both you and 1998, which is kind of an intimidating thought :ahh: ). Good luck!

Congrats! Best of luck in your next event. It looks like a great robot!