pic: Comming soon.....

The wheels are in motion…

Finally, an off season in Rochester. Awesome name chosen by the way.

yes ill bow to that IM DOING TWO POST A DAY NOW YAAAAYY!!! :smiley:

Hmm… any mash-up composers out there want to come up with a Rah Cha Cha Slide for the event? :slight_smile:

Alrite guys. So this is what we came up with at our first commitee meeting. Pretty snazzy eh?
Me and the subteam I am on came up with this. It includes Koko Ed, Sister Grimm [Lorien] and Me.
We all came up with it basically and worked together. It was tons of fun.
Can you guys figure anything out with the colors?

You don’t think it’s too “girly” do you Ashley? :stuck_out_tongue:

Those colors are to close to RIT’s for my liking. How about green and gold instead. Just kidding Koko Ed, definitely looking forward to this offseason. Great work Koko, Lorien, and Ashley,


Actually the orange and black tie in is for more than just RIT (or GRR Robotics for that matter). Has to do with a certain holiday. :wink:

Durrr :rolleyes: … it is going to be right near Halloween isn’t it?


That’s what were looking at. Or in the area of that date.

And the rumors begin! lol. I will neither confirm nor deny anything at this point! But here is one for ya, if you are in the rochester area, and interested in helping on the committee, please contact me. Our next meeting is August 3rd.

Info Here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38988

looks really great y’all… great start you all have going…

Kim, is there anyway that there will be a meeting the week after that, because i will be in the area and I would like to come and help out.

Just wondering,

Is anyone else thinking Paul Copioli for MC? Maybe Joel Johnson announcing.

Just my $.02