pic: Competition controllers or tools for cocconing?

Team 188’s PS2 controllers with a convienent base (it’s Dunkin Donuts. Look away, Dave)

Those aren’t Dunkin’s donuts; those were from that characteristically Canadian institution, Tim Horton’s.

Tim Horton’s has great coffee. I don’t leave Canada until I get a cup. Luckily there is a Horton’s store right next to the venue for the Waterloo regional. :cool:

And their donuts aren’t too bad – they’re just not Krispy Kreme. :slight_smile:

Tim Horton’s bought out a lower New England chain, and so now we have about 5-6 DD’s and a Tim Horton’s in my town. The donut’s aren’t too bad, but definately prefer a KK or even a DD before them. But I must say that is an innovative control board.

TIM HORTON’S!!! Sry, but I’m a die-hard TH fan. Grew up in Canada, go back at least 2 or 3 times every year… best doughnuts in the world. Chocolate dip + maple dip + hot chocolate = BREAKFAST HEAVEN!!!

Sry, I had to get that out. Now my mouth’s watering…DARN IT!

The Canuck

who cares about the food
how did you get playstation controllers to work

thats all i care about

we have also been contemplating using them but prefer joysticks for control(we do tank drive).

They used them all day but I am not sure if they were completely functional. I might see the students Wednesday night so I will ask if they can post here.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what Team 188 did, but this white paper that was written by 862 describes how you could go about doing it.

Yes they did follow the white paper. I was not sure of the team number so I had not posted it.

The controller our geekTeam built works… but not all the functions work. If you have a complex controll system, you might want to go with the regular controller system.

But the important part of the post…

Tim Hortons!!! The donuts from the country to the south are GOOD!! (Yep. Canada is south of detroit.)

But not south of Plymouth. You have to be east of Livernois (or so) or you’ll miss Canada entirely and after a long swim, end up in that State to the South.

Team 188 used the white paper written by team 862 to build our “Tim Horton’s PS2 Control System” =P . We swapped some of the parts for the circuit itself and made some other modifications to the system .

However, kudos to the geekTeam for figuring how to make it work first

btw…our entire control system smells like icing sugar now…i wonder why :confused: