pic: Competition Robot Parts Elevator Roller Assembly

The final parts are in and assembled into kits. This is one roller block assembly (there are 4 in each kit).
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Now we wait to see if it will be an elevator game…

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That seems really steep for something not that complicated to make with a drill press and band saw.

Also might want to debur that hole…

Then don’t buy it.

I would like to tip my hat to competition robot parts for a great design which IMO any team can build.

It does seem a little steep, but as a team without lathe access I’m not sure where else I could easily source a stepped delrin roller from.

Design looks nice. Are there any videos of it in action?

It looks pretty good as a concept, but I’ve got to wonder:

  1. As I look at this, this is a system to constrain an elevator, but makes no attempt to actually extend/retract it. Am I missing something?
  2. I found it strange on the “Stepped Roller Kit Render” that there were two separate axles on the single (presumably moving) arm; wouldn’t it be simpler to have a single (slightly longer) axle on each side with two of the stepped pulleys? For that matter, wouldn’t it be simpler (and tighter, and easier for teams to “get right”) to have a single (much longer) axle for those connected to the “stationary” pair? Even if it were not as stackable as your general design, having this as a simplification would be a great help to teams with more meager machining resources.

No. Teams would have to use other parts to move the elevator. A COTS bearing mount for an elevator isn’t currently available from other FRC suppliers, which makes this product a good solution for teams without much machining resources.

For ideas and information on elevator design, see 973 RAMP’s videos.

Flanged delrin bushing from McMaster? (granted, the step is much smaller, I don’t know how much of a problem what would be)

That’s what I was thinking, actually. Or a bronze bushing maybe for the strength?
You could also use a large OD washer to act as a flange if you needed.

The orders are rolling in (no pun intended). It must be the year for elevators…

Only question I have is do I want a two stage or single stage…

With the recycle rush rules being the way they are, a one-stage elevator the full height of your robot is completely legal and probably the simplest option.
Ri3D team O-Ryon is using these rollers and itappears that they are constructing a one-stage mechanism.

Competition Robot Parts has found another supplier who should be able to help us get orders shipping out beginning Jan 16. Spread the word!