pic: Completed RCCR Vex Bot


This the most updated picture of this bot(took it apart since i was in need of its parts) i had moved the controller over to the left side and put another piece of lexan on the back to keep the balls from falling out. input would be nice negative and positive!

it looks like it works like the jeep bot

Just wondering (not criticism or anything), did the double wheels provide any benefit?

Nice Vex bot Dylan. haha I’ve already seen it but it worked incredibly at the ra cha cha.

yeah it gave me better grip climbing up the ramps.

yeah it does. didnt u see it Colin? (JEEP BOT IS AMAZING!!! check it!

i might b blind… but… how will this robot hang onto the bar?

This particular VEX robot was built for a competition played at the RaChaCha Ruckus off season event. the game was created by Greg Needel and can be found here. It is an entirely different game then the FVC competition.


Greg did a great job making the game up and coordinating it as well. Dylan you were so close to winning it man.

Nice robot. You took second place correct?
Very nice functionable robot, one of the only few who could climb the ramp!!You also had a very nice strategy. All around good work!

yeah i placed second and i also liked my strategy! simple and very effective! :yikes:

If only I had been driving then … :stuck_out_tongue: