pic: Completing a row of 7


a round from the NJ regional where a decent row of 7 got up

Wow, I’m impressed. Where was the other team while this was happening?

The team with the red bumpers is playing defense (they were on the blue alliance).

Looks really solid… was that during a practice match or during qualifiers?

Neither, it was during eliminations - Semi Finals 1-2.

nice, how did you guys dodge the defense so thourly?

we didnt. this is why i have to disagree with jj of 47. If we do not build a beefy drive train then teams stop us from capping.

Thats understandable, how did you set up your drive train?

We did the same thing in our last preliminary round at the Pacific Northwest Regional. We put up al 7 because 1 alliance member was down and the other was a lifter. They provided a little defense that helped. The other side was also trying to score ringers but were hampered by our second alliance member. They left us alone. Then they all took off in the last 30 seconds to lift and we were able to get up the last 3.

Our drive train is banebots tandems (2 CIMS) per side direct driven into 6" andy mark grippy wheels on a standard FIRST frame.

Currently its 8 wheel drive, powered by 4 CIM motors, gear drive. For more info on our previous prototypes, look here.

we capped a row of 8 twice and without a beefy drivetrain it would be impossible. I’m so glad we went with a solid drive system such as you did. PS 8 wheels sounds SICK :eek:

teenmisfit, of Manchester West said it already, but here is a photo of one finish; 8 rings around the base plus 60 more bonus points with Manchester, NH and Enfield, CT sitting pretty on top of the ATC14/Conval (Peterborough, NH) defense and 60 bonus points almost every time machine. Great fun. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7283886@N02/417182098/