pic: Compressor Backpack

We run out of air quickly when we run the robot for long practice sessions. Our final robot already has six tanks, and we may add two more. We will use this to quickly charge our tanks for practice. We still need to add some more safety features, and it will be finished.

It’s technically not right to use multiple off board compressors at the arena, so we’ll probably only be using it to save us tons of time for practice, since our single on board compressor is too tiny to recharge quickly for continuous runs of 10 or more minutes.

Off season project: T-shirt cannon. :eek:

Who you gonna call?

We disassembled our t-shirt cannon rally robot last season. We have plans for a new and improved one!

Are you suggesting we also make a hand held backpack T-shirt cannon?

Looks like a Proton pack from Ghostbusters.

You might want to ask a Q&A about using the backpack off field at an event.

Per rule R68, one and only one compressor. My Lead Robot Inspector interprets that as: Only one compressor at the event. A second compressor is allowed in the pit as a replacement part.

I know if you are at my event, you would not be allowed to use it.

We understand the limitations of compressing at an event, but we’ll ask those involved with running each event we go to if they have a problem using it at all, even if we leave the venue and charge outside. Chances are that they won’t allow it any way or place, but being able to charge tanks before matches with this pack would be so great if it could ever happen. This contraption is primarily for practice and demos anyway.

Don’t even get me started about this…

How do you mean?

Dude robot inspectors are 10/10 dabes

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At an event (even on the practice field), the air has to come from the one compressor. You can’t bring in air from the outside.

I have been lucky enough to not have to deal with it, but I have friends on other teams who have come into issues regarding the rules about air coming from one compressor, having other compressors in the venue, and LRIs making up their own opinions about rule intent.

sorry to derail

Use the Q&A to get a ruling you can print and bring to the event.

Regardless of legality, this thing is just cool.

I think we may be able to get away with this at some events IF we only use it to compress when testing systems in the pit and practice field. This could actually be useful for the practice field, due to the limited time.

But we have to remember that we need to compress with our single on board compressor before an official MATCH to make sure the matches themselves are all done by the book.

This might help you.

If you have a large air tank off the robot and use the robot compressor to fill it the morning of the competition, you could then use air from this tank to pre-fill your onboard tanks before each match. This would still meet the requirement that all air comes from the one compressor and allow you to hit a higher psi before starting your compressor to finish filling the tanks.

I do not believe there is a rule stating that air cannot be temporarily stored off the robot.

R78 Any pressure vent plug must be:
A. connected to the pneumatic circuit such that, when manually operated, it will vent to the atmosphere to relieve all stored pressure in a reasonable amount of time, and …

ONE Vent Plug venting ALL stored pressure, even off board pressure.

Now, if you use Quantum Entanglement to activate a vent on the off board tank, I wonder if that would violate the no other wireless communication rule.

R74 and R75 provide (only) two methods of using an off board compressor, illustrated in Fig. 4-8 and Fig. 4-9. Neither of these permissible methods includes off board air storage.


“Stored” air pressure on the ROBOT must be no greater than 120 psi. No stored air pressure intended for the ROBOT may be located off-board the ROBOT.

Emphasis mine.

Honestly, this backpack scares me from a safety perspective. What happens to the unlucky person wearing it if a tank should explode? As an LRI, I would insist it be removed from the venue, and I bet the UL Safety advisors would agree.

This. This times all of it. As a participant at an event I would want that removed. Plastic air tanks scare the bejesus out of me, mostly because I know first-hand how much energy and how much shrapnel they make.

If the pack got dropped while it was pressurized *really *bad things could happen. Please do not use this device, ever. I know it seems cool, but it’s just asking for a disaster.